How we do it

We provide a powerful web-based software platform.

Our flagship web-based application Zen Professional® makes patient processing and practice workflow more efficient, giving you complete visibility into your practice. Track and access information on any claim, from its starting point to its payment date. Create robust reports that are simple to run. Get instant data – from staff productivity to payer revenue – for every business decision you need to make.

Everyone works to benefit everyone else through a real-time rules database.

One of the biggest issues we face in health care is that, although we share very common challenges, we tackle them alone. We’re isolated, and that makes us more likely to be frustrated or angry, held back by inefficiencies, and more likely to ultimately lose sight of our goals and our purpose.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. athenahealth’s proprietary rules database houses a vast warehouse of crucial information about payers, procedures, diagnoses, and more. This real-time rules database brings together over 20,000 medical providers, creating a network that harnesses the power of their collective knowledge and makes the system better for everyone. When you submit a claim, payer requirements appear right on your screen, so that your claim can be fixed immediately. When we identify a denial pattern, we build a fix for that denial. Then the database delivers the fix to all our clients through athenaNet at no extra cost, and no one else has to experience that denial.

We assume your extra workload while adding valuable perspective and insight.

Our people are committed to service. You’ll have a designated support team to get you through implementation, answer your questions, and lead regular status meetings with your team. After you go live, your Account Management team will monitor your practice’s overall performance and offer valuable perspective and insight. We will periodically contact you to review your performance and to discuss opportunities for improvement, such as revenue optimization or cost reducing strategies.