How you benefit

Get paid, more and faster.

We help flag medical billing errors so you can correct them before they become problems. You’re getting paid more, because we let you know when there’s an inaccuracy on a claim – before it gets denied. And because so many claims are paid on initial submission, you get paid faster.

Benefit from the most up-to-date payer intelligence.

Our Payer Performance Management team continuously researches and seeks out new insurance rules, builds them into our rules database, and makes them available to all clients, resulting in fewer claim denials. The payer team also tracks new government Pay-for-Performance (P4P) rules to help make sure you receive the incentive payments you’re eligible for. And while some vendors may send you software you need to update yourself every six months, we constantly update our software and rules database for you, giving you faster access to insurer coding changes – all free of charge.

Have the most time-consuming work done for you.

We provide you with comprehensive business services, including claim submission, insurance package management, electronic eligibility verification, payment posting, claim follow-up, denial management, and more. You’ll spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing what you want to do – focusing on your patients and the long-term vision for your practice.

Have full visibility to make better decisions.

Our powerful web-based software empowers your current decisions and future planning with an intuitive Workflow Dashboard and comprehensive reporting functions.