Practice Management

TrueBilling has a vested interest in their client's efforts to build a successful practice and assists in all aspects of practice management in order to streamline systems and maximize reimbursements.

Practice Management Consulting

TrueBilling provides claims management advice, and problem solving strategies for the practice, as well as staff training.

Yearly Review of Super Bills and Fee Schedules

TrueBilling provides this simple yet effective way for the physician and practice to enhance their financial profile both in cost and results. If a physician's current fees are below what is being reimbursed in their market, this review becomes a valuable guide to bring fees in line with their marketplace enabling practices to put their profile in order before negotiating their managed health care contracts.

Detailed Financial Management Reports

In addition to providing the standard monthly financial management reports that include Accounts Receivable, Aging, Payments, and Detailed Patient Information, TrueBilling can tailor reports to the practice's specifications. These reports are a valuable tool in providing assistance for analyzing and visualizing the practice's financial goals and objectives.

On-going Procedure Code Analysis

TrueBilling will audit its clients E & M procedure coding to ensure proper coding to avoid audits for "over-coding" or to increase revenues when "under-coding." TrueBilling will pinpoint the trouble spots and help correct problems before a claim is submitted to the insurance company.