Fee Schedule for Medical Billing Services

The cost of TrueBilling's medical billing services are based on a percentage of the gross amount collected for medical services. Fees are dependent upon the practice's volume of claims and any additional services that are contracted.

By varying the fee levels, TrueBilling is able to provide affordable services, without compromising the level of customer service. TrueBilling's success is dependent upon the success of its clients so TrueBilling strives to leave no claim unpaid, thus ensuring a flourishing cash flow for all involved.

Why Outsource Medical Billing Services to TrueBilling?

By shortening your reimbursement cycle, reducing administrative and clerical costs and eliminating postage, TrueBilling practice partners can justify outsourcing billing services in no time. Considering TrueBilling's affordable fees and dedication to client service, outsourcing the billing process to TrueBilling can benefit every practice.